Wild Mushroom 15 v
pesto sauce, roasted garlic, ragout of wild mushrooms & topped with provolone cheese
Fire Roasted Red Bell Pepper 13 vegetarian / vegan without cheese
garlic oil, fresh rosemary, pine nuts, Pepperoncini, Basil & topped with Fontina Cheese
Mediterranean 16 v
pesto sauce, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, pine nuts, feta cheese, fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes
Smokey Chipotle Chicken 16
chipotle pesto sauce, fire roasted red bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, fontina cheese
Savory Blackberry & Feta 15 vegetarian / vegan without cheese
our blackberry passata, feta & ricotta cheese, whole blackberries, topped with rings of pepperoncini


Coconut Prawns 16
6 coconut battered prawns, golden fried & served with our house sweet & spicy sauce
Turkey Lettuce Wraps 16
sautéed ground turkey, mushrooms and water chestnuts, seasoned with asian spices, served in a crispy cold romaine leaf, and a spicy hoisin dipping sauce
Salmon Cakes 16
wild caught pacific salmon, baked, flaked, blended & deep fried to perfection & served with our house tartar sauce
Steamed Clams 18
steamed in white wine, wild mushrooms, and prosciutto ham
Lobster / Bacon Brioche 16
Buttery Brioche bun filled with delicate Norwegian lobster pieces and served in a light garlic cream sauce, topped with apple smoked bacon & chives
Mushrooms Caps Dijon 13
fresh mushroom caps sauteed with white wine, fresh garlic, & finished with cream, dijon mustard, & parmesan cheese

Please Inform Your Server of any Allergies or Special Dietary Needs
Noted Dishes Can Be Prepared Gluten Free, ‘G’, Vegetarian ‘V’, and Vegan
Parties of 6 or More are subject to an automatic 20% Service Charge

Menus subject to change without notice.
Consumption of raw or undercooked foods may lead to food borne illness.
Ask about our Vegan (v) & Gluten (g) Free options.